Painting using Bubble Wrap and a Potato Masher!

wpid-20140421_200409.jpgEveryone loves painting, don’t they? Have you and your little ones been adventurous and used something “different” to paint with? Here we have been having a go at painting using bubble wrap and a potato masher! Who knew how cool it would be?!

Life with a young family can be by hectic.There is never enough time in the day to have fun and keep up with the housework, especially if you have a full time job as well.

Painting is a great activity you can set up for your kids and leave them to it, expressing their own creativity, whilst you busy yourself around doing other jobs.
Obviously you still need to keep half an eye on them though or else they may start painting themselves or the house!

Today’s particular painting activity was to create some abstract wall canvases.

I got 2 small canvas frames for £2.99 each and then using some different techniques – mostly ideas I took from other people and blogs -we made some lovely pictures.bubble-wrap

The things we used were a rolling pin wrapped in bubble wrap, a potato masher and then plain old paintbrushes.

I squeezed paint out onto a tray and then after letting them try their painting accessories out on some paper first we then made our canvases.

Both pictures are colourful and unique and I can’t wait for our hallway to be decorated properly so I can display them proudly, along with some of the other custom-made art that we have created!