Homemade Playdough


the finished dough

So as promised in my earlier post, here is a great, simple recipe for making your own play dough. It only needs a few ingredients – which you will likely have in your pantry cupboards anyway and is a cheap alternative to the bought stuff. It is a bit stickier than the real Playdoh, and it doesn’t have the amazing smell but it https://samtech.edu/cheap-viagra/ is a decent alternative.

This is a great, fun and messy activity to do with your little ones!

The recipe is as follows:

250g plain flour

50g salt

140ml water

2 tbsp oil.


sticky fingers!

Put it all together in a bowl and mix it up – get your hands stuck in and knead it altogether – or if you want to avoid the sticky messy hands yourself, get the kids to do this bit!!.

Then add some food colouring in to give it some colour.


squishing it all together

I would suggest splitting the above amounts into maybe 4-6 smaller balls of dough so that the colour is more vibrant.

We only split ours into two so the colours are  a little more pastel.



Here is a short video of us making it and getting all messy!

Now all thats left to do is start modelling!