Invitation to paint – leaf prints

Autumn is a fabulous season. Aside from the cooler temperatures and the sometimes frequent rain showers, the trees change to all sorts of awesome colours. Conkers are abundant. And who doesn’t love to kick up the crunchy leaves?
For an after school activity this week I set my pair up an invitation to paint – printing autumn leaves with a set of leaf sponges I bought last year.


If you want to try, here is how we did our leaf prints pictures:

Choose 4 different autumnal colours of paint. We used red, gold, yellow and orange.
Lay out some paper and let them use the sponges to print as many colourful leaves as they want.
My two love painting and it wasn’t long before they moved on from the sponges to painting with their fingers. It was all I could do to stop my 7 year old from attempting to get her shoes and socks off to use her feet!wpid-img_20151020_154226-01.jpeg
We made an array of pictures, making use of all of the sponges, and then hung them on a makeshift line in the conservatory to dry.

They look so colourful and pretty hanging there!
I wonder what we can use them for once they are dry?!