Transferring photos to canvas

I have fallen in love with mod podge (amongst other things) since I started blogging, and having used it successfully to transfer photos onto wood, decopatch papers onto stools and mache letters, my next project was to try transferring photos to canvas.
I needed a nice picture for my newly decorated living room walls, so chose a picture I love from last year. It is the kids jumping in the (freezing) English seawater and I love the shimmer of the sun and the simplicity of the picture. It also holds memories of our family holidays in Selsey.
So I bought some really cheap canvases from The Works and set about transferring the picture.

What you need:
Mod podge
Photo printed on a laserjet printer
Cloth and water

How to:
Cover the canvas with a fine layer of mod podge.
Cut your photo to size.
Place face down on the canvas and smooth down with a credit card.
Leave to dry for 24 hours.
Using a damp cloth slowly and gently rub the paper so that it comes off, revealing the image below.

transferring photos to canvas

This takes somes time but don’t be tempted to rush it.
Leave to dry.
Carefully brush off any bits of paper that may still be on your canvas.
Finally cover with a layer of mod podge.

Once your canvas has dried it is ready to be displayed! A great way to preserve your memories and use those holiday snaps!