Paper Plate Pig

Recently we went on a day trip to a farm, so when my three year old was demanding to make something at home, we decided to have a go at making our own paper plate piggy.

Paper Plate
Pink Paint
Pink Tissue Paper
PVA Glue
Pink Felt
Googily eyes
Black card
Pink wool

How to:
Tear you tissue paper up into small pieces and then scrunch each piece into a small ball.
You will need a lot of this to cover the entire paper plate!
Paint your plate with the pink glue.
Cover the majority of your plate with PVA glue and stick all the scrunched up balls of tissue paper onto it.

Cut out 2 triangles of pink felt for the ears.
Cut out 2 small circles of black card for the nostrils.
Stick 2 googily eyes near the centre of the plate.
Wind some wool around the end of a crisp tube or milk bottle.
Glue this this fairly centrally, just below the eyes.
Stick the 2 black nostrils into the centre of this wool, so it becomes the piggy’s nose.
Wind another long piece of wool around a large cylinder – maybe the top of a bowl.

Place this around the eyes and the nose to form the head.
Glue the felt ears onto this piece of wool.
And there you go, your paper plate pig is ready to snuffle off!

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