Bosworth Water Park

We love to discover new places and recently I saw some pics on facebook of a friend enjoying a family day out at Bosworth Water Park.
So, of course, I had to look into it, as I had never heard of it! And the next sunny day we had, we set off to have a look for ourselves..
Bosworth Water Park is outside Nuneaton, so about a forty minute drive for us – dependant on traffic.
Entry is free, but you need to pay for the car parking. 1-3 hours is £5.00 at this time of year which isn’t too bad.

As we pulled into the car park we were all very excited. We had spotted the lake and manmade beach and the kids had spotted the bouncy slides, as well as the candy stall!
We wandered past the pirate ship playground – Jack was desperate to go play! – over to the beach, laid out the towels and settled down for a picnic.

The weather was turning out quite hot by this time, so Rachel had a lot of fun splashing in the water, swimming and playing on the beach building sandcastles.

Jack wasn’t as impressed by the beach, so he and Daddy headed off to play football on the big empty field (actually a car park, but an empty one at that time!).
After they had got all hot and bothered I took the kids over to the playground. They loved “walking the plank” between the 2 pirate ships. But the slide was a bit hot on bottoms!! As well as the two ships there was another climbing frame with a tunnel slide and a giant tree trunk to climb all over.
After a good play, we headed back to find Daddy and our bags, then we strolled over to the bouncy slides.
The children had a go – £2.50 each for ten minutes. They loved bouncing down the slides!
As a treat we let them choose a treat from the candy stall. They both chose a vimto spray and Jack promptly sprayed himself in the face… After a face wash it was time to head home.
It was a great place, particularly on a sunny day, and brilliant to find a beach in the middle of the countryside about as far from the sea as you can get!
We will definitely be coming back again!