Why you should make your preschooler a weekly planner

Ever get tired of that endless reel of questions that your preschooler fires in your direction every morning? Where am I going this morning? Who is picking me up? Who is putting me to bed? Invariably followed by a tantrum, no matter what the response is.   make your preschooler a weekly planner  That is life in our household to a tee. Every morning, without fail, Jack questions me about the upcoming day. And as he is a bit of a mummy’s boy (!), unless the response includes having some mummy time then there is a little (well in all honesty a massive) strop/whine. I mentioned this to my friend, thinking it was just me that had this.  But as it turns out, as with almost every parenting dilemma/issue/question/stress, I am not alone in this. And she suggested a solution that was working for her daughter – make your pre-schooler a weekly planner . What a simple, yet brilliant idea! Our weekly routine is fairly fixed – thanks to hubby and I working set shifts most of the time – so producing a planner for Jack was a complete synch. We have columns for each day of the week – monday to sunday. And each column is split into 4 rows – morning, lunchtime, afternoon and bedtime. These are the 4 key times when things happen in his life. In the mornings he has nursery. He finishes at lunchtime so someone – myself, his grandma or the childminder – has to pick him up there. Then he spends the early afternoon with them. The next handover of care (if you like) is late afternoon – this is when Daddy gets home or picks him up, or when he has his swimming lesson. Finally the other key event, for him, is who is putting him to bed. Of course his favourite is mummy, but due to work commitments, three nights a week it is all on Daddy. So after deciding on the key times I wanted to include, I chose photographs that would clearly and visually tell him what was happening when and who he would be with. Now, every day, he can keep a track of what is going on with this fantastic, highly visual resource and he no longer has to question me. And the dream is, that, given time, he will reduce his stroppiness. Time will tell on that one though. I look forward to updating you!