We Love Weekends 16th January


So today sees the first We Love Weekends Linky for 2015!

Sadly due to technology this week I am unable to have the Linky live on my blog so for those of you that would like to link up then please pop along to one of my lovely co-hosts sites and add your posts.

The We Love Weekends Co-Hosts are Peakle Pie, Witty Hoots, Best Toys 4 Toddlers, Raising Wild Ones & 101 Things to do with the Kids.

We Love Weekends is a linky for all of your family friendly posts – with a focus on what you have been up to to could get up to over those precious weekend days when there is no school.

As this is the first one for this year, there are no featured posts from last week.

However, I would love for you to see a few of my winter favourites from the last couple of We Love Weekends Linkies:

1.I particularly love this idea of making a winter-themed bowling set – Snowman Bowling by Fromabcstoacts. We always have toilet roll inserts lying around and have somehow amassed amazing numbers of small balls perfect for such a game!

2.Or how about these colour matching printable snowmen also by Fromabcstoacts?

3.If your children love to read, then how about tackling this winter reading challenge by Growing Book By Book?

4.We own masses of Lego at our house, including lots of new sets, as well as all my husbands old Lego that my in-laws handed down to him! This engineering challenge by TheMadMommy would definitely appeal to my two ( well three if you include hubby!)

5.On my list of things I have yet to do with the kids is making musical instruments out of household bits and bobs. So how could we resist this DIY Recycled Drum by PisforPreschooler.

And those are just a few of the great ideas! Now it’s your turn – head on over to one of co-hosts blogs and link up your idea 🙂

You can link up on one of these fabulous blogs : Peakle Pie, Witty Hoots, Best Toys 4 Toddlers, Raising Wild Ones

Do it, do it now! 🙂