Mummy Blogging – Fake or Fact?

So we have all seen the story splashed across the media recently of the mommy blogger who quit it all because the “fake”ness was ruining her life. She razed her TheAmericanMama blog because it was all too much. So is it all fake and how much is fact?

There are thousands of mummy bloggers active in the UK. Before I started blogging, I actually had no idea just how many there were. Some are prolific, some less so. Some are all about branded content, some are not. Some are hugely active on social media, some not. For some their lives revolve around their blogs, as do their finances. The rewards are small until you hit the big-time and I imagine those who do manage to make a living out of it have to work very hard to achieve that. It is their full-time job, and well, I work very hard in my full-time job to earn my wages. Is it fake? Well sure, sometimes I imagine it is a bit fake, but no more so than my job, working in customer service. After all we don’t necessarily like everyone we serve, but we always plaster on the work smile and do what we have to!! Surely then occasionally writing a post just to get paid/compensation isn’t so bad? And I can only imagine how tough it must have been, getting to trial a swim with dolphins experience with your kids or visiting the Kennedy Space Station.
I have been lucky enough to review a few things – angel delight, go ape junior, polagram (now Lalalab), but I have always loved the products/activities and felt really grateful at the opportunity and have never had to be fake.
I class myself as a really small blogger. I am lucky if 100 people read my posts. I don’t make any money out of my blog. I have a full-time job and, although sometimes, I would love to give that all up, and be able to earn an income from blogging, it is just not realistic. Not for me anyway.
I write because I want to. When I started, it kept me sane and it helped me to spend more time doing planned activities, trips and so on with the kids, imstead of sittong around racking my addled brain for ideas. Blogging opened my eyes and actually helped me grow as a parent. I mean, yes, for a little while there, it did become a bit of an obsession, “we must do this because I need to blog about it”. Hubby would just roll his eyes a bit, but these days, now the kids are older and at school I find I have less time to do stuff worth writing about. So now it has become a past-time. If I blog, I blog. If not its no big deal.
But is what I write fact or fiction?
Well, honestly it is all fact. Occasionally I have sugar-coated a tiny bit. I don’t always mention the massive meltdown the 5 yr old had just after we got home. Or the tantrums because I wouldn’t buy him something while we were out. Or the arguments the two kids have because one of them is doing more than the other. Or the stuff that just doesn’t go to plan. And of course, all of that happens every time. We are working with kids here right?!!

As a reader, my favourite blogs and bloggers are those that talk about real life and the realities of being a parent – hurrahforgin, brummymummyof2. The ones where I have a wry smile and chuckle to myself as it feels like they have a window into my life! But I also like the ones that give me ideas. They give me something, as a parent, to aspire to, as well as reminding me that we are not all perfect parents all the time.
I often wish I could be more eloquent and witty and write more about the gritty truths of parenting. I have made one or two attempts. 😉
Who knows, maybe one day I will do some more and discover my funny!

What I am really trying to say, in amongst this waffle, is that, of course there may be a certain amount of fiction in blogging. Poetic license, if you want. But there doesn’t have to be. Its actually your choice, your voice. You get to decide what you want to write. If you don’t want to do those things and blog about them, then no-one is forcing you to. As a mummy, blogger or not, family is more important.You can
And seriously if you wanted to give it up to concentrate on your family, because it was all so awful and affecting your emotional state, then why make a big media song and dance over it? PR stunt to publicise your new venture by any chance??