baking with kids

Chocolate Chip Scones

Our visit to Baddesley Clinton and the ymmy scone there, inspired me to make scones with Jack on Tuesday while we were waiting for the electrician to finish his work so we could go out. I found a lovely recipe on the bbcgoodfood website for Sugared Scones. We used this recipe and then added in […]

chocolate stars cake

Chocolate Stars Cake

To celebrate both kids having been nominated as stars of the week in their respective classes at school, we whipped up this simple shimmery chocolate cake, decorated with chocolate stars and kit-kats! Chocolate Stars Cake Ingredients: Chocolate cake 150g sugar 150g butter 120g self raising flour 30g cocoa powder 2 eggs 1tsp baking powder Toppings […]

What to do with pastry dough? Ideas for kids

Have you ever thought about how much fun you can have with your kids and a roll of pastry dough? Last week my children went to their grandparents house and were helping out in the kitchen. When they got back, the first thing my 4 year old asked was if we had any pastry he […]

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