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Disney Frozen Inspired Banana Milkshake Recipe

After seeing this lovely idea for “Frozen” hot chocolate, we decided to have a go at making our own Disney Frozen inspired drinks recipe – but a cold equivalent, as my two are just not that bothered about hot drinks – although we will definitely be giving the hot choc’s a try during the current cold […]

We love Disney – a link-up

We Love Disney! Disney’s Frozen has become absolutely massive this year. In December, we visited Disneyland, Paris and everything there was to do with Frozen. At the time we hadn’t seen it or heard the hype, so it was quite alien to us. Well not anymore! If you have young kids, then you have surely […]

Frozen Party Time!

What would be your child’s best birthday party ever?   This is what we did for our 6 year old this year and hopefully we made it a memorable one for her. Last year Rachel didn’t have a birthday party as we were on holiday and the year before we had a party at the […]

Frozen party – preparations

So today was Rachel’s 6th birthday party. As I referenced in my post  – making a frozen dress – it was going to be a frozen party. So for the last couple of weeks we have been working hard on the party preparations. Daddy planned the party, found and booked the venue, organised the bouncy […]

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