I DO love my kids (mostly!)

They drive me mad but I love my kids…

And that is ok. It’s the age -old enigma of parenthood.

I do love my kids!

My children are adorable at times and horrible little monsters at others. They argue and fight, until I lose my rag and raise my voice, and then, at that point where I have completely lost the plot, they run off to play nicely together! Leaving me feeling guilt-ridden for getting cross. And of course, this usually happens first thing in the morning, when I am struggling to drag myself out of bed – where one or the other – mainly the younger one these days!! – has spent the night lying on top of me and wriggling all over the place.

I am permanently tired and long for the occasional, peaceful night where they stay at Grandma’s house, and hubby and I get to stretch out, and enjoy a whole night’s sleep, alone in our own bed. With no-one climbing on top of you and no-one continually repeating the words “mummy”, “daddy”, “mummy”, “daddy”. Aaaaarrggghhh!!

Being a parent is not always easy and it is ok to admit to not being the most perfect parent all the time.
I certainly am not…

Yet when they are not there, I miss them like crazy! I feel like a part of me is missing – bereft.

The house is quiet and tidy, yet I long to see them and hear their little voices…

Last half term break, hubby and I had one of those rare occasions where we were able to enjoy some peace and quiet.

The children were packed off to Grandma’s on Monday afternoon – half-term for them is sadly not half-term for us, so she was on childcare duty on the Tuesday – and they were due to stay for 2 nights.

Then on Tuesday afternoon we got that (dreaded) phone call…

” Hello mummy, I miss you.”


Ah bless him. *heart*

“I want to come home now”


Oh, really? *heavy sigh* Are you sure?

And there goes the dream of a second, whole night of peace.

And I am left deflated!

But despite the heavy sigh – don’t judge me, I am sure you have done it too, at least once!! – I can assure you, I DO love my kids!