We ❤️ Oreos!

When I got an email about writing a post on the #OreoCookieQuest challenge which meant we would get some free packets of Oreos it really was a no-brainer! I mean the challenge might win other prizes, but tbh free Oreo’s is good enough for us!!

Even better they arrived in time for the weekend!

Weekends are pretty hectic in the Kettle household – particularly Sundays! It is when we seem to do the lion’s share of extracurricular activities – keeping everyone fit, and entertained whilst also teaching the kids some important skills and life lessons.

First up we have horse-riding lessons. It’s all my fault – I rode as a child and rediscovered it after 20 yrs, when I first took Rachel for a lesson when she was 4! She learnt for a while – until she decided (stubbornly) she had had enough and stopped. But about a year and a half ago she changed her mind again and went back. And not long afterwards Jack decided he wanted to give it a go! Now we have a weekly (or fortnightly) battle with him – “I don’t want to go” – but being the horrible parent I am, and as he has usually asked to be booked in after his previous class, I make him go…So at 8.30am we set off. As Jack is a beginner he is in a lead-rein class and that means I get my Sunday morning exercise too! I think my favourite part is when he gets a little canter (not really – that’s the point where I end up barely able to breathe and have to stop!!) Rachel is in the next group up so I don’t tend to get to watch her anymore. But very occasionally they combine groups, like this Sunday, so I can snoop on Rach!

Once their lessons are over we grab a quick cuppa and breakfast snack with our riding friends – cooked up by one of the other lovely mums!

Then it’s home for a quick change and straight back out for swimming lessons at 11.30! Yet another activity that neither child wants to go to 🙁 – they enjoy it when they are there, but the idea of going does not impress them – and again, as the terrible parents we are, we insist on this activity as we believe it’s a really important skill to learn.

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Now all of this activity has built up an appetite. So next up is lunch break! Personally I love a sunday roast – and as it is the grown ups that do the cooking, we ignore the cries of “why do we have this every week?”

Organised activities are done for the day. Yay.
So the afternoon is spent at leisure. Or it would be if we didn’t have kids.
Sadly small children still need entertaining…
So rather than snoozing on the sofa there are a multitude of other things to be done – shopping, park trips, oh and then we still have the joys of homework!! You can imagine how painful homework time is…right??!!

As you can imagine, after all of this, tea-time is well-needed and well-deserved. And what better way to chill out than with yummy hot chocs and a plateful of Oreo’s.
Our #OreoCookieQuest is all about surviving the busy Sunday and giving the whole family a treat at the end! (please eat Oreo’s responsibly and save some for me – the above picture is a family plate and not just my portion (honest!)).

This post is an entry for BritMums #OreoCookieQuest, sponsored by Oreos.

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ps if you like a little brainteaser we have hidden a packet of Oreos on one of the photos on this post! (Obviously I don’t mean the featured image at the top!!)